Embrace Your Destiny

Episode 004: Yvonne Lines & redefining success

July 12, 2018

Several years ago Yvonne switched from watching mindless TV, to reading self development and leadership books. Since then, her mindset has grown so much that she left her full-time job, started her own business, is now financially secure, can finally call herself a surfer, and toured Africa by motorbike. She's loving life and wants to share what she's learned. She's on a mission to give people the knowledge required to make smart choices and live a more fulfilled life.

Yvonne is now a Mindset mentor and blogger behind www.SmartLife.tips

You can learn more about Yvonne at www.SmartLife.tips

You can also connect with her on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/yvonnelines/


00:10 - Purpose of Podcast

00:27 - Introduction to Yvonne Lines

01:24 - Yvonne's story

02:33 - Yvonne switches gears

03:10 - A decision is made

03:40 - What's next?

06:20 - Option overload!

08:36 - Yvonne explores Africa

09:26 - Yvonne decides to develop an app

10:55 - Tough times

11:14 - Yvonne finds happiness

14:15 - A paycheck second to heroin as an addiction?

15:10 - How can Yvonne hold on to her happiness?

16:04 - The answer reveals itself

18:04 - Do what works for you!

19:48 - Yvonne's biggest lesson

20:55 - Be prepared for opportunities

22:29 - Yvonne focuses on her business

23:20 - Advice from Yvonne

25.55 - Constructive thinking versus positive thinking

26:30 - Where to find Yvonne