About Samantha: Meet Samantha! Samantha King is a former teacher with 8+ years of experience creating engaging learning experiences for her students i...View Details

About Daria: Daria Tsvenger is a Forbes-featured mindset & life coach and host & creator of the top personal growth program “The Dream Sprint”...View Details

About Leonie: Leonie Dawson is a teacher, mentor, and inspirer, helping highly sensitive oddballs (just like her!) discover their big glorious dreams,...View Details

About Joy: Joy “Pink Girl Teaches”   is an energetic, life-loving “girl-next- door” who loves encouraging others to fulfill their potential in Christ....View Details

About Laurie: Laurie Mohlman returned to school at the age of 43 as a single mother of three teenage children, two of whom have autism. She got her ba...View Details

About Sharon: Sharon is a single mom of three and has homeschooled  for 16 years. She has been a serial entrepreneur for nearly 25 years helping peopl...View Details

About Daeyna: Daeyna (Dee) Jackson is a writer, speaker, podcaster and creative entrepreneur. She is passionate about helping women find their unique ...View Details

About Ana: Ana was born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina. As a young adult, she moved to the United States where she continued her college studie...View Details

About Justina: Meet Justina: outgoing, bubbly, and a kind hearted soul. Her educational background has earned her degrees in Psychology and Health Stu...View Details

About Shalini: Shalini Dharna is an accountant and financial health advocate. As a CPA she educates and empowers business owners to love their numbers...View Details

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