Embrace Your Destiny

Episode 006: Karen Gruber & silencing her inner mean girl

July 25, 2018


Motherhood was the catalyst of change for Karen.  In a great deal of emotional pain for most of her life – which stemmed from the rocky relationship with her own mother; she coped by engaging in multiple destructive behaviors.  Realizing that she was destroying everything important to her, she knew something had to change.  She was not the mom, wife or woman she wanted to be and she knew she was created to be so much more.

In addition to her formal training; Karen's most meaningful learning comes from her insatiable desire to figure out how to be the woman and mom she knows she is meant to be.

After working together, her clients have more time to devote to themselves. They has the confidence to follow their passions and have a renewed purpose to their lives. Their lives emulate what they want for their children. They are an inspiration to everyone around them.

Her clients are able to create lasting and sustainable changes.

Karen wants this for you.

Website: www.theinspiredmama.com

Facebook Group-The Masterful Mom Inner Circle:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/1914984581845242/

Karen’s Free Gift-The 5 Steps to Managing Your Inner Mean Girl, so you can finally free yourself from emotional pain and focus on what matters most: https://theinspiredmama.activehosted.com/f/7



00:05 - Introduction to Karen

00:54 - Purpose of podcast

01:32 - Karen shares her story

02:30 - Feeling "not enough"

02:47 - The consequences

02:50 - Self medicating

03:11 - We all have some kind of pain

04:09 - The awakening 

07:29 - Life is always happening for you

08:20 Introduction to the Inner Mean Girl

09:54 - Tools to deal with her

10:08 - She means well, but...

11:03 - Taking control of the driver's seat

11:12 - Fear is part of the journey

12:31 - You get to choose the role fear plays

13:10 - Karen's technique to deal with the mean girl

16:50 - Sandra shares her experience with the mean girl

20:50 - Everyone loves a good pity party

21:03 - The importance of connection and support

21:58 - Karen shares an exercise to deal with feeling hopeless, isolated or overwhelmed

25:25 - Karen's biggest lesson

26:57 - Karen's advice 

28:20 - It's okay to ask for help

29:38 - Gift from Karen (see link in Karen's bio above)

31:15 - Final thoughts