Embrace Your Destiny

Episode 009: Emily Andrew & taking control of her eating disorder

August 26, 2018

Emily is a Pilates Teacher, Author and Mental Health Advocate. After an almost decade long battle with an eating disorder and mental illness that nearly took her life at the age of 21,  Emily knew that she wanted to be part of the movement to free others - she works closely with clients to help heal their relationships with food, exercise and their bodies and is proud to speak out about her own experience in order to help others.

Her book Stardust delves into her life with an eating disorder, the events that contributed to her dark mental health state and how she found her happiness again through healing and self love. These days Emily spends her time running a health and wellness website called The Tribe, working with Pilates clients, speaking to men and women of all ages about the importance of mental health and being a wife and step mum of one.


Instagram @healthybalancewithemily

Website www.thetribe.online

Amazon http://amzn.eu/cAEcNQL

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/healthybalancewithemily/



00:05 - Introduction to Embrace Your Destiny podcast

00:23 - Emily Andrew bio

01:21 - Emily shares her story

02:06 - Emily decides changing her looks will lead to acceptance

02:40 - Full blown eating disorder by 17

03:23 - Emily loses her Nan

04:23 - Suicide attempts

04:43 - Actress training helps to hide the pain

05:30 - Emily is forced to admit she has a problem

06:15 - Emotional attachment to disorder stronger than worry about weight

07:22 - Physically healthy but struggling mentally

08:00 - Emily's exhaustion reaches a breaking point

08:42 - Emily relapses

09:18 - Recovery is a process

12:00 - Emily quits her job & builds her pilates business

13:16 - Emily publishes a book!

16:11 - The lessons you learn from adversity are valuable

17:23 - Grief is unavoidable

18:28 - Emily gets a sign from her Nan

21:26 - Emily's biggest lesson

24:00 - Be your own best friend and cheerleader

25:31 - What you have inside you is everything you need

29:52 - Emily's advice

32:29 - Daily practice - write down 3 good things that happened today