Embrace Your Destiny

Episode 010: Heather Cameron & shifting gears in her career

September 2, 2018

Heather Cameron’s passion is to helps women entrepreneurs over 40, step into their entrepreneurial spirits and have thriving businesses. Heather’s practical approach helps women find their confidence and focus so they manage their time, maximize profitability, and achieve more by doing less. Heather is an engaging powerhouse who gives her audience a sense of confidence that “Yes I can Do It!”

Heather is a Certified Executive/Business Coach and an expert facilitator. Heather has been self employed for 14 years and has over 20 years of global corporate management experience including sales, marketing, and research & development. She holds a Bachelor of Engineering, a Diploma of Adult Education and Certificate of Executive Coaching.

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00:08 - Introduction to Embrace Your Destiny podcast

00:21 - Heather Cameron introduction

00:46 - Heather shares her journey

03:20 - Heather loses momentary control of her future

03:52 - Family members get into a serious accident

05:27 - Heather decides what to do next

05:40 - Heather starts her own company

08:04 - Heather experiences ups and downs in her business

09:11 - Heather questions if she's in the right place

10:30 - Listen to your head AND your gut

15:51 - There's nothing wrong with being a generalist!

17:02 - Heather's biggest lesson

20:10 - Heather never plans to retire

23:19 - Heather's advice for others

24:35 - Questions to ask yourself for career clarity

26:58 - Heather shares free offer for listeners