Embrace Your Destiny

Episode 011: Samary Polnett & growing up in the midst of chaos

September 18, 2018

Samary is a children's author, speaker and coach. She is the owner of Path 2 Purpose + founder of Beauty is You, INC. Samary is a confidence + Mindset coach to moms, wives and other nurturing women of the world. She helps her clients achieve their goals + live a more fulfilled life without guilt. Through Beauty is You, INC. Samary is able empower, inspire + educate young girls, teens + women in the community to be more confident, connect with community leaders and learn to find happiness within themselves. Samary is passionate about helping, motivating and inspiring others.  She is blessed to be married to one of the most hardworking man and father and mom to 4 amazing boys (including 1 year old twins!). In her spare time, she enjoys exploring, relaxing with yoga  being a foodie, and promoting self-love.







00:07 - Introduction to podcast

00:47 - Introduction to Samary Polnett

01:50 - Samary shares her journey

02:42 - Dealing with an abusive father

03:58 - Samary realizes her mom stays to maintain security for her daughters

04:44 - Anger shifts to understanding

06:06 - Experience motivates Samary to help others

06:51 - The importance of having a positive support system

08:26 - How the past affects Samary's current situation

08:58 - Awareness of emotional triggers

11:22 - Samary's biggest lesson

13:38 - "If I can do it, you can too!"

16:50 - The importance of patience

17:47 - Samary's advice

21:25 - Negative experience as a teacher

22:39 - You can tak control of the direction of your life!