Embrace Your Destiny

Episode 012: Amber Doll & moving forward no matter what

September 30, 2018


At 12 years old, Amber Doll's world changed when her mother passed away. The struggle to process the loss of her mother and to care for her family, led Amber to abusive relationships, sexual assaults, a teenage pregnancy, her daughter being taken away from her, anxiety and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Despite these challenges, she remains positive that she and each of us can actively build our best life.

You can find Amber using the following links:

Facebook: https://bit.ly/2wtBcH4

Instagram: www.instagram.com/ambercdoll



00:04 - Introduction to podcast

00:26 - Introduction to Amber Doll

01:07 - Amber shares her journey

01:57 - Amber runs away from home at 15

02:25 - Amber's relationship gets physically abusive

02:50 - Amber's aunt and uncle get involved

03:18 - Amber receives a case worker's card

03:45 - The courts decide it's best to terminate Amber's parental rights

04:10 - Amber builds a relationship with her daughter without parental rights

05:58 - Amber is committed to becoming the type of person her daughter can look up to

06:17 - Amber is currently dealing with PTSD

09:22 - The triggers to Amber's PTSD are revealed

11:52 - The importance of having positive example of womanhood

13:55 - Amber got a chance to know her father as a person, not an addict

15:05 - Intuition has kept Amber grounded

17:42 - Surround yourself with teachers

19:38 - Amber's biggest lesson

24:54 - Worrying about the thoughts and opinions of others

30:42 - Amber's advice