Embrace Your Destiny

Episode 023: Cat Almanzor & making the most of her second chance

May 7, 2019

About Cat:

Cat Almanzor is a transformational life coach for the mind, body, and spirit. Her mission in life is to equip women to transform pain into power. She partners with women after experiencing toxic relationships, traumatic experiences, or severe life stressors. Cat has known defeat, suffering, struggle, and loss, and she has found her way out of those depths. It was a back‐to‐back life tragedy that served as a painful catalyst for Cat to create a life of pure purpose.

She is passionate about empowering women to walk with purpose and stand in their authentic unique identity. Cat is a single mom to two teenagers, a brain injury survivor and warrior, a social‐media guru, investor, and kickboxer. She grew up in a small province in the Philippines and currently resides in Seattle, Washington. 

Where to find Cat:

Instagram:   https://www.instagram.com/catalmanzor/



00:09 - Embrace Your Destiny Podcast introduction

00:28 - Cat Almanzor's introduction

01:10 - Cat shares her story

01:47 - Cat gets a phone call no parent wants to receive

04:50 - Cat goes to the Philippines to see her dying grandmother

05:40 - The need to be strong for her family leaves no time for grief

06:46 - Cat's health starts to decline

08:42 - Cat heads off to another hospital in an ambulance and wakes up 3 months later

09:28 - Cat has to re-learn the basics

11:15 - Setting personal goals helps with rehabilitation

12:24 - Cat deals with rehabilitation and new life after divorce at the same time

12:58 - Cat remembers praying for another chance during her time at the hospital

14:37 - First 8 months out of the hospital are the most productive of Cat's life

15:07 - Cat discovers her life's purpose

17:19 - Cat shares her biggest lesson

19:10 - Cat competes in her first half marathon!

21:44 - Cat's advice for others dealing with life's challenges

24:44 - Cat's final thoughts


About your host:

Sandra Dawes is a recovering control freak and excuse maker who works with clients struggling with similar issues. She holds an Honors BA, an MBA and a certificate in Dispute Resolution. After the passing of her father and circumstances that followed, she suffered from bouts of depression and sought the help of psychotherapists. Unwilling to seek pharmaceutical assistance to deal with her chronic unhappiness, she was lead on a journey of self-awareness and forgiveness that changed her life in deep and meaningful ways.

Sandra enjoys spending time with friends and family and her partner Satnam. She published her first book Embrace Your Destiny: 12 Steps to Living the Life You Deserve in 2013.

Sandra was added to the Wall of Role Models by the Diversity Advancement Network in July 2016.

You can find more articles and learn more about Sandra and the programs and products she offers at www.embraceyourdestiny.ca.

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